Live Like You Were Dying

What would you do with your time if an uncertain diagnosis might mean you were dying? Nathan Bishop never really stopped to consider that sort of thing. He was too busy with life.   Working long hours and obsessed with success, Nathan doesn’t have much time to spend with his wife, Heather, or their twelve-year-old daughter, Malley. He is, in fact, oblivious to most everything until the night a chance accident changes his life forever.   Realizing that he may be a walking dead man, Nathan begins a journey that takes him all the way from his grandmother’s farm in Georgia to the Grand Canyon and along the way he reconnects with his estranged father.

Praise for Live Like You Were Dying

Finalist for the Southern Book Critics Circle Award. 

“Exhilarating and refreshing from beginning to end, this book hits nothing but high notes. Exceptionally done.” —Mobile Press Register 

“Some books were meant to be written. Live Like You Were Dying is one of those books.” —Southern Scribe